Almost ready to go live again. Sea you soon!
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Hello, Goodbye. This Tumblr account saw how I fell in love with water and now I’ve found a way for us to be together. I can no longer just sit and write letters to an ocean who can’t write back, and so began the gradual but grand movement to the sea. I will try to drop in (surf terminology) here from time to time, and if slowness tortures you, feel free to unfollow. I thank you for the time. Meanwhile, I will not be here but there, riding and writing in the ever elsewhere. 

I do love what we have become. I truly thank you for the time.

(Don’t fret, I am most online here and here. Also, I’m keeping my Three-Six-Five! Updates soon.)


The Made Shop - The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories (2012)

Dear E, 

This album is complete. You’ve done more than just take photographs of me— you’ve preserved who I was in the span of a year. We started in January and ended rightfully in December. This is what 2012 looks like. The girl here is a memory. The new year has been quick on its feet and I fear that I am no longer the girl that you see here. So thank you for this record of past reflections, this sincere safekeeping. You have built for me a mirror, a map, an intricate diary. No one could have done it better in any other way. 

We’ve grown, you and I. It’s been a mighty privilege.

Your shotgun confidante,



The Three Oddest Words written on her skin.

Today marks the first year of a world without Ms. Szymborska.

How many Futures must be pronounced to bring back the past?

Because skin is never silent.

Fully Booked visited me at home to spy on my poetry books and tattoos, and we had an enchanting and altogether enlightening conversation about what it means to read and what it feels to have read. They featured me in a video and a sweet series of blog entries (part one here). Click on the links if you want to hear my voice, literally and figuratively.

I’m done being that girl locked up in her bedroom dreaming of the sea. I’m happier living what I thought I could only dream of. So go on, get up, go out. 

I’m so tired of staying indoors, 2013.

(First two photos by Troy Medina. Last two from my Instagram: @pilarpedrosapilar)

Braille reads: the slope of your spine, the arch of your back, the curve of your hipYour Skin Under Mine by Natt Różańska
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Jules Kmetzko
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