QUICK FIX: Here are blips from the radar that is my life.

1 - It was your average day. D. came over and slept on the couch. He counts book spines to fall asleep. As he was perusing my personal library, it came as such a lovely surprise when he asked to borrow this book.

2 - Been spending time with D. during their recording sessions. I must say the new releases are exciting (space echo!). Here’s a pretty lightpiece from Tower of Doom.

3 - I owe so many people letters, and I’m working slowly to clear that debt. To start, here’s something for Hanna.

4 - Lovely pieces from Soul Flower. I am particularly attached to Unknown Pleasures and to that anchor.

5 - I love like-minded people. Here’s Tokwa’s notebook lines tattoo with mine. You should also check out his artwork.

6 - Lastly, slide gloves! I miss my longboard, baby.

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